Electronic Parts and nRF52832 BLE Module Makers in China Shenzhen

Electronic Parts and nRF52832 BLE Module Makers in China Shenzhen

Shenzhen iSmart Electronic Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen iSmart Electronic Co. Ltd.. is a high-tech corporation which develops and makes arduino electronics, electronic parts, robotics, Three dimensional printers, open-source hardware, nRF51822 BLE modules, and many more. we are cooperating with colleges and scientific institutes. And our enterprise has developed a variety of Smart Educational Devices with independent intellectual property since the year 2009.

Our products have been for sale to several countries overseas, and own good praises from our customers.

Even greater, we’re additionally dedicated to the growth of Robot-making education in China and we would like to compile the highly developed technology into the text, transforming it as a lesson which is not a worry to master, add it into the teenage activity, inspiring the youngsters and growing their skill of practice, logicality, and creativity. We embrace the company spirit of dependability, integrity and creativeness, continue to keep premium quality services, and to provides our supporters with much better services and products.

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We Think That “Product Quality Is The Soul Of An Business”

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Cell Phone: +86-13620975435

TEL: +86-755-33566753

E-mail: [email protected]

Address: Room 449, Minle Bld, Minle Village, Minzhi, Longhua New District, ShenzhenShenzhen, China


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